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Resolutions 2019

David Li
January 26th, 2019 · 3 min read

2019 marks a new year. And with each new year, it’s time for new resolutions. It’s a promise to be better, to fix the mistakes of yesterday.

Every year I adopt some sort of resolutions - some years more specific than others, but every year some sort of goal nonetheless. Most years I’m successful in at least some. Although quite generic and cheesy, I find that the end of a year is a good natural inflection point to reflect on the highs and lows of the past year, and to think of the future.

A common criticism I see is that improvements and goals could be made anytime. But sometimes, the result is more important than the why.

Here are my resolutions for 2019:

  1. Fail more.
  2. Be kinder.
  3. Live healthier.

These three resolutions have all been life goals that I feel I haven’t pursued enough, or philosophies that I don’t live by enough. Whether in terms of experiences/memories, attitudes towards others, positivity, and long-term happiness, I picked these because I believe that these are three of the key areas I need to improve on.

Fail More

I say I treasure new experiences, but I find that often let my fears get in the way of actually pursuing them. Sometimes it’s just the struggle of organizing and planning, finding both an itinerary and the time to do something, like travel. Other times it’s overthinking and worrying about the potential negative consequences, usually failure.

I’d like to open up more, and be more vulnerable. To say what’s on my mind, even if it’s not the best, safest, or perfect thing to say. I expect

I’ve had one Ulysses challenge about this - to spend a year trying things that are scary, reckless & risky. Better now than never. This is a promise to chase the daring and risky, to do the uncertain and embarrassing. In the name of memories.

This is for now - to new experiences and saying yes, to taking initiative and being brave.

Be Kinder

Self-care is one of those topics I hadn’t really believed in. One thought was that - being kind to myself was worth sacrificing - if it meant success. Soft words and accepting failures were seen as weak, as beliefs that would destroy the sharp edge of ambition and dreams.

It also means to be more positive and open. I’ve definitely been someone overly critical of both myself and others. Sometimes it’s easier to say harsh, negative words. Other times it’s easy to find problems and weaknesses, and sure I can sugarcoat it with “looking to improvement”, but negative nonetheless.

Live Healthier

I think the basis is self-explanatory. Fix my sleep schedule, fix my eating habits, keep hitting the gym. Be a healthier person, all around. It also means taking the time to rest, to make time for myself, and to do things that make me feel fulfilled.

In the short term, it’s just a focus on getting back to the gym regularly, while also being mindful of my diet. In the medium term, it’s getting into meditation and restarting proper journaling/writing. And in the long term - and always, it’s finding meaningful moments with people I care about.


So my resolutions these year are much more nebulous than others (which have been along the lines of “Get 40 on the MCAT” or “Cook every day”). I think in one way, it may make it easier to fail, when either anything (or nothing) would properly fulfill these resolutions. On the other hand, maybe these aren’t so much hard goals but guidelines to live life by. I’ll definitely be thinking of them throughout the year - reflecting on what I’ve done and the choices I’ve made - and refining my smaller goals to realign with what I want. Every three months I’ll likely be reviewing my current actionable goals, just mindful of the long-term trajectory.’

Also, if you’re in Toronto (or will come through at any point), come over for dinner. Drop me a line at [email protected] or just message me!

And hopefully, by the end of the year, I’ll feel that these have be fulfilled. It’s likely that there will be many moments where I forget, but that’s okay. It’s a new year, with a new me.

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