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David Li
May 20th, 2017 · 2 min read

So - big news for me. I’ll be finally moving to Toronto!

I’ll be starting as a Junior Software Developer at Quartermaster.

Let’s get this out of the way. It feels fucking good. It’s like validation. That someone recognizes that I can do this. The feelings of triumph, of giddiness, of relief.

It’s a new start. Months of self-studying with no clear goal done, but now it’s time to go further - with a team. I’m already really looking forward to the new challenges that await.

I’m excited to be working on some fairly cutting-edge stuff, and very excited to see exactly how much I’ll grow as a person.

On the other side - I’m really nervous. What if I’m not ready? What if I’m not good enough - and everyone realizes I’m just an imposter?

I don’t know how to solve that.

I’ve been self-learning coding, but I fear I will always feel behind those who graduated with professional degrees. There’s a lot I know I haven’t been exposed to, from academic principles to the culture and environment of computer science.

I don’t know how to catch up with that, although I think I will take courses to cover as much as I can. I expect I’ll need something along the lines of Algorithms, Data Structures, Design, and Operating Systems. Maybe if I can, brush up on linear algebra and multivariable calculus too. Ugh.

Moving to Toronto will, hopefully, be amazing. Waterloo, as nice as it was, just hasn’t been enough. I’m really looking forward to summer, and all the events that it will bring. I want to meet interesting people who can challenge me, and maybe (ok very hoping on this one) a cute girl. I want to try fun things, and let this be a great few years in my life.

Living downtown again will be exciting, being able to go out on my own, set my own schedules, live my own life again, etc. We’ll see how that works out.

So, if you’re in Toronto, come - let’s grab a drink (or ten) or coffee, and catch up.

I’m fairly sure this marks a permanent break from medicine. Maybe I’ll eventually go into the computational sides of biological and medical sciences, but I doubt that.

Having slowly become more tuned into tech news and culture, it’s been absolutely amazing. There’s so many good people in the field, passionate people who are a joy to talk to and argue with. And there’s always big things happening, and bigger things on the horizon.

I’m more and more certain this is something that I am absolutely in love with, but of course I still have doubts. Maybe a bit more rueful and regretful I chose a different path initially, but nonetheless happier.

About myself personally - I think I’m happy. Happier at least. I have a plan to move forward, and it seems things are moving well. I don’t think I’m satisfied yet, but perhaps that will come with age.

As to this blog? Ugh. I did intend to write every week or two, but I always delay putting things online. I do have a few wireframes and mostly-finished pieces, but I am concerned my writing is not the greatest. I do plan on picking back up, especially as more drastic changes come back into life. :)

I might be building v4 soon. Might.

With Love.

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