What's something you've done, or that you want to do, that you think I should do?
It can be anything you want, as easy or as hard as you want it to be. And as long as you give me the rest of my life to do it, I promise that I will.

1-10 - Waterloo

David Li - Find yourself.

Still looking.

Jeff Li - Find commited love.
Kelly Broderick-Sander - Travel to Iceland.
Vareesha Khan - Be excited & giddy with affection.
Jonathan Yang - Learn to code and make an Android or iOS application.

I have been learning how to code. I started with Java, followed by mostly web-design related applications of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I'm getting into React Native and Cordova, so I'm hoping to have something for mobile.

Daniyal Abdali - Learn another language.

Does JavaScript count?.

Anon. - Travel to many places and relax when you can.
Zaeem Qureshi - Wake up and sleep at the same time each day, for at least a month.
Eric Quinn - Go rock climbing, and attempt a path you didn't think you could do.
Jonathan Leung - Start a food and travel blog on all your life adventures. Make sure some of the content touches on reflections on yourself, and the things you learn.

This site is the implementation of my food an travel blog, with the actual blog found under "Stories". I have been spending time learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc., to design and build this website. I will follow up with the beginnings of a blog soon. The first post was posted (2016/09/20), though I am still in the process of sorting the blog out. Posts will be bi-weekly, hopefully, and will include random thoughts, travel, lifestyle, reviews, plans, etc., and will hopefully be a reflection of life.

The blog will run on standard MVC architecture, using node.js and Express to power the back end. The database is MongoDB. Currently the front end is simply Express-powered Jade HTML/CSS under the BootStrap framework, though there are plans to move it to an AngularJS or React.js powered single-page application.

11-20 - Montreal

Angela Li - stay in touch with the people you love, even if its just a Christmas card or birthday message. & things you want to achieve in life: actually make an effort to go for it.

I am promising to work hard. Whether I succeed, I will have to update later. Regardless, I have been sending many messages and letters to some of the people I love, so they can't complain.

Nancy Duan - Once a year, or whenever you remember to, draw a self-portrait of any size, with any medium. It can be as simple as a sketch or as a complicated as a painting.
Azeem Khan - Come back and visit McGill during my graduation. If that isn't feasible, return to Montreal in the next 10 or so years to check in, tour the city, and be reminded of where you came from.
Gabriel Ning - Talk to one random girl you didn't previously know every day until you find that special someone who cares for you as much as you care for them.
Jeongho Jang - Go backpacking across all six continents before you die, without a company, solely by yourself. While backpacking, collect memories from the people you meet during your journey.
Glenn Li - Find something or someone you love, and dedicate your whole self to it/them.
Sonnia Kuo - Push yourself beyond what you know you're okay with, what you know you'll like. Stay safe, of course, but that was always a fine line.
Denice Liu - Hold on to one important thing in your life that you would have sacrificed otherwise.
Colten Wimmer - Kiss as many girls as you can.
Julie-Nathalie Vallée-Trudeau - Get a PADI license in SCUBA diving, ideally somewhere exotic.

21-24 - Montreal Pt 2

Jerry Dong - Eat healthier and build a six pack.
Anna Victoria Rahardjo - Keep in contact with people that matter to you (aka me).
Mete Aykul - Make good (amazing!!) memories wherever life takes you, and work hard to find success in whatever you do.
Anon. - Spend a year trying things that are scary, reckless & risky.