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About Me

Hey there 👋 , my name is David (Min Xiao) Li. I'm a software engineer currently based out of Vancouver, Canada. I currently work at Amazon Web Services.

On a day-to-day basis (pre-pandemic), I am often found working at a local bar or café. Some of my hobbies include writing, coding, and beach volleyball. I love food and drink 🍻 (feel free to reach out for lists of recommendations), and really exploring the unwandered paths of the cities I've been in.

In Vancouver, I've also been getting more in touch with nature - exploring the bountiful wilderness of British Columbia - but I am a city boy at heart. Here, I really enjoy both the summery and wintery activities - biking around the city, hiking the mountains, and so on.

I'm always working on a few personal projects, both technical and non-technical. Two of the ones I'm currently working on include:

  • Moments - provides a dynamically-generated list of stress-relieving and downtime ideas to fit a user's schedule
  • PopKwiz - lets users quickly create easy-to-use and shareable/exportable short quizzes, whether for fun or studying


I current work on Amazon Connect, a world-class call center as a service available in the cloud. Specifically, my team works on Contact Lens, a machine-learning driven analytics and search for your customer's phone calls and records. I design systems built for internet scale, with hundreds of millions of daily interactions. I build finely-tuned UIs and APIs to delight our users and solve even the problems that they didn't know they had.

Previously, I worked at Quartermaster, a startup connecting local communities with your next door neighbors and small business. I led UI, building experiences for homeowners and pros that made their day-to-day life more convenient.



While always busy, I'm always interested in the next challenge - especially solving the problems that really move the needle, and hopefully makes the world a better place.

Drop me an email at [email protected].

© 2016 David Li
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